In the Department of Data Science we generate knowledge from data to advance neuroscience and ophthalmology.

Our Research Groups

Our research groups cover different aspects of using data to create understanding – from the wealth of data acquired in basic neuroscience about individual neurons in the retina or the brain to data about patients, their diseases and how they manifest over the lifespan. We believe that data holds the key to answering many questions about how the healthy eye and brain works and how diseases impact its function, how they can be detected early and how their time course can be predicted. Building on established techniques to analyze high-dimensional datasets, we develop new algorithms where current techniques are not sufficient, leading to better models of neurons, better data representations and safer clinical applications.

Research Group "Machine Learning for Safe Medical Diagnostics", Hertie AI

Machine Learning for Safe Medical Diagnostics

We work on robust and interpretable algorithms that enable machine learning algorithms to be applied in the clinical workflow in ophthalmology.
Research Group "Neuronal Modeling", Hertie AI

Neuronal Modeling

We gain insights into the healthy and diseased nervous system by developing using computational models.
Research Group "Representation Learning and Data Visualization"., Hertie AI

Representation Learning and Data Visualization

We develop machine learning tools for visualizing high-dimensional data such as single cell transcriptomics, clinical images, or scientific texts.