Sarah Müller

Sarah Müller
Sarah is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Data Science at the Hertie Institute for AI in Brain Health at the University of Tübingen, an IMPRS-IS scholar, and part of the Cluster of Excellence project "Uncovering the inner structure of medical images through generative modeling". In her work, she aims to investigate the image generation process of medical images to model variation among patient populations and disease developments. Her research interests include representation learning, generative models, and disentanglement.
Generative models can help us understand and explore the main factors of variation in medical images.

Present Positions And Title

PhD Student

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Since 2021University of TübingenPhD Student
2020University of StuttgartTeaching Assistant for Signal Processing
2019Daimler AG, R&DInternship, Deep Learning and Software Development
2018 - 2020University of StuttgartTeaching Assistant for Control Engineering
2018 - 2020University Hospital TübingenResearch Assistant for Medical Imaging
2017 - 2018University of StuttgartTeaching Assistant for Mathematics  

Academic Education

YearDergreeInstitutionField of Study
2018 - 2021M.Sc.University of StuttgartEngineering Cybernetics
2014 - 2018B.Sc.University of Tübingen and University of StuttgartMedical Engineering