Prof. Dr. Philipp Berens

Philipp Berens
Prof. Dr. Philipp Berens is Full Professor of Data Science at the University of Tübingen and Director of the Hertie Institute for AI in Brain Health. Also, he is Speaker of the Excellence Cluster “Machine Learning – New Perspectives for Science” and is part of the core faculty of the Tübingen AI Center. His goal is to use machine learning to enable discoveries in basic and clinical neuroscience, with a focus on ophthalmology. He is interested in developing new algorithms whose output can be integrated into scientific or clinical workflows. His work has been recognized with a DFG Heisenberg Professorship, an ERC Starting Grant and the Bernstein Award of the German Ministry for Science and Education.
We apply machine learning algorithms to enable and accelerate discoveries in neuroscience and ophthalmology, which will ultimately allow us to diagnose diseases earlier and treat them better.
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Juxtacellular recordings from identified neurons in the mouse locus coeruleus

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ChatGPT und die deutsche Facharztprüfung für Augenheilkunde: eine Evaluierung

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The landscape of biomedical research

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A paradigm shift?—On the ethics of medical large language models

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Sparse Activations for Interpretable Disease Grading

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Uncertainty, evidence, and the integration of machine learning into medical practice

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Asymmetric distribution of color-opponent response types across mouse visual cortex supports superior color vision in the sky.

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Unsupervised visualization of image datasets using contrastive learning

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Subgroup Shifts Escape OOD Detection

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School predictors of mental health problems in children and adolescents based on a survey of students in hospital and regular schools

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Sparse visual counterfactual explanations in image space

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Hidden in plain sight: Subgroup shifts escape ood detection

Jul 01, 2022 | Proceedings of Medical Imaging with Deep Learning (MIDL)
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Efficient identification of informative features in simulation-based inference

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Attraction-repulsion spectrum in neighbor embeddings

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Personalized neurorehabilitative precision medicine: from data to therapies (MWKNeuroReha)–a multi-centre prospective observational clinical trial to predict long-term outcome of patients with acute motor stroke

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Center-surround interactions underlie bipolar cell motion sensitivity in the mouse retina

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Visual explanations for the detection of diabetic retinopathy from retinal fundus images

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Probabilistic solvers enable a straight-forward exploration of numerical uncertainty in neuroscience models

Jan 04, 2022 | Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 50(4), 485-503
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Ocular changes as a diagnostic tool for malaria

Jan 02, 2022 | Der Ophthalmologe, 1-6
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Clinical validation of saliency maps for understanding deep neural networks in ophthalmology

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Removing inter-experimental variability from functional data in systems neuroscience.

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BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network (BICCN)

A multimodal cell census and atlas of the mammalian primary motor cortex

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Artificial intelligence in ophthalmology: Guidelines for physicians for the critical evaluation of studies.

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Expert-validated estimation of diagnostic uncertainty for deep neural networks in diabetic retinopathy detection.

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