Browsing the landscape of biomedical research from a birds-eye perspective

Research Group "Representation Learning and Data Visualization"., Hertie AI

Based on a machine learning analysis of more than 20,000,000 paper abstracts using large language models, researchers at Hertie AI have created an interactive online platform in collaboration with Nomic AI that allows a bird’s-eye view of the entire biomedical research landscape. The tool allows a guided journey through the story layed out in the paper titled "The landscape of biomedical research" by Rita Gonzalez-Marquez, Luca Schmidt, Benjamin M. Schmidt, Philipp Berens, and Dmitry Kobak. In addition, it provides researchers and individuals interested in biomedical research with a comprehensive and visually engaging way to explore the vast collection of scientific papers available in the PubMed database with their own queries.

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